The Wines of British Columbia are exceptionally food-friendly. Our extreme northern growing conditions – at the very edge of where grapes can be grown – produce wines with a remarkable balance between fruitiness and acidity. Our wines are fresh, crisp and lively, which makes them perfect for food and impressively adaptable. 

Classic BC wine and food pairings include grilled Sockeye salmon with Pinot Noir, green Thai curry with Pinot Gris, and Memphis barbeque with Riesling.  From  Pad Thai to potstickers, BC wines are also the perfect pick-me-up for your favorite Asian and Latin dishes.   And this puts us on the cutting edge of Pan-Pacific cuisine.

There are over 40 winery restaurants in BC to provide you with the ultimate wine and food pairing experience. To view a list of winery restaurants, click here

Helpful Wine Pairing Hints 

  • Intensely flavoured foods need intensely flavoured wines
  • Acidic foods need higher acid wines
  • Sweet foods need to be paired with a wine that is at least as sweet or sweeter
  • Avoid tannic wines with oily fish or hot spice
  • Pair off-dry to sweet wines to help counteract spice heat
  • Well salted meats make red wines taste less tannic and softer
  • Crisp acid whites pair well with salty food
  • Pair crisp acidic whites with fatty or deep fried foods


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