BC VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) is the appellation of origin and quality standard for the Wines of British Columbia. Established in 1990, BC VQA certified wines must meet specific standards with respect to their origin, vintage and varietals. These wines are also assessed by a qualified panel and also must meet the criteria for quality characteristics before they can be designated as BC VQA. To put it simply, when you see BC VQA on a bottle, it is your guarantee that you’re sipping a wine that is 100% grown and made in British Columbia.


BC VQA by the numbers:

  • 100% British Columbia grapes
  • 5 official Geographical Indications (GI)
  • 1 official Sub-geographical Indication (Golden Mile Bench)
  • 95% of grapes must come from specific region mentioned on the label
  • 85% of grapes must come from the vintage stated on the label
  • 85% of grapes must be the stated varietal


How to read a BC wine label


For more information about BC VQA regulations, view the Wines of Marked Quality Regulations. These regulations are governed by the BC Wine Authority.