British Columbia is home to a dizzying array of abundant crops, orchards, vineyards, seafood, game farms and renowned chefs whose creations embody their commitment to “farm-to-table”. When these local culinary delights are presented alongside the province’s award-winning BC VQA wines – it’s a Perfect Pairing.

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Salsify and Potato Fricassee

Look for a wine with bright acidity to balance this dish and cut through the richness of the crispy oysters, bacon and poached egg. A BC VQA sparkling wine is the perfect fit, fresh, lively and full of bubbles this pairing will ensure to keep your t… read more

Duck Leg Confit with Summer Vegetable Hash

You can never go wrong serving duck with Pinot Noir, for these two were meant to be enjoyed together and are one of the classic food and wine pairings. The fragrance of fennel, coriander and cloves in this dish will match the soft spiciness found in … read more

Parsnip & Apple Bisque

Apples, vanilla and butter are all characteristics found in Chardonnay and are all flavors that will be found in this dish making an elegant and full-bodied BC Chardonnay the perfect choice for this creamy fall soup. The cream and tart apples will ba… read more

Organic Beetroot Salad & Lady Jane Cheese Estate

This dish is a perennial favorite for our menu at Mission Hill's Terrace Restaurant. The simplicity of the dish is the key. Clean flavours not complicated ones as the quality of the ingredients speak volumes on their own. You can chose to serve as in… read more