Peachland/Summerland Wineries

T.H. Wines

Okanagan Valley - Summerland

TH Wines are by hand, a philosophy that takes shape during winter pruning, when individual vines are given direction for the season, and ends when finished wines are lifted off the bottling line, with the work of the vintage intact. Despite the limits to production that are inherent in this choice, we favour the human touch and the winemaker’s craft over the work of machines, for the grace it brings to the vintage. These are honest demands we impose on ourselves. Letting go of the industrial norms has manifold rewards, the topmost being the joy we get from being fully immersed in a timeless food tradition.

Thornhaven Estates Winery

Okanagan Valley - Summerland

Thornhaven Estate sits high up at the treeline of Giant's Head Mountain in Summerland, Okanagan Valley. The southeast facing vineyards ripen slowly for maximum flavour concentration. Thornhaven's semi-arid climate and gravity fed winery design are ideal for aromatic white grapes and Pinot Noir.