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Maverick Vineyards

“Nature delivers everything of value in wine. You can’t add; you can only destroy what naturally exists in the fruit,” says winemaker Bertus Albertyn. “A winemaker should see himself as observer and preserver rather than ‘maker,’ which is why we allow the winemaking process space and time to go at its own pace. Our job is simply to capture and preserve the unique flavours of our soil, our climate and our weather and translate that potential into exceptional wine.”Working with fruit produced exclusively in our family estate vineyards, we make our wine with minimum intervention. We choose not to add inoculants, sugar or other additives because, though they speed up the process and sweeten the product, they mask and muddy the flavour subtleties only available from nature. Our simple, patient approach builds wines of beauty and detail: rich, daring reds and powerful, elegant whites. Maverick Estate Winery’s emblem is inspired by the pictographs drawn on cave walls around South Africa many thousands of years ago. Our emblem represents the enthusiastically unconventional free thinker. Whether in ancient times or today, Mavericks are not afraid to forge their own path and stay true to what they believe in. We are Maverick: uncompromising in our pursuit and unrestrained in our enjoyment of exceptional wine.

Top Varietals

  • Syrah
  • Pinot Noir
  • Pinot Gris
  • Port


Tasting Room

Summer Hours* May 2 to October 12, daily, 10 am to 5pm 
Off Season Hours* October 11 to October 31, daily, 1 PM to 5 PM, November 2 to May 

Daily Tours

Summer Hours* By appointment 
Off Season Hours* By appointment 
* Subject to change, refer to winery website.

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