Okanagan Valley Wineries

The BX Press Inc.

Okanagan Valley - Vernon

The BX Press is a third generation family farm located on the same land that was once home to Barnard's Express Stagecoach Company's famous horse ranch. Our family has been proudly growing apples here since 1946. Today, we grow more than two dozen varieties including modern dessert apples, nearly forgotten heritage cultivars and vintage cider fruit. Truly a branch-to-bottle operation, we grow the apples, press, ferment, mature and bottle the cider right on our own orchard. Taking a full year to craft, we choose specific apple varieties for their crisp flavours, rich aromatics and the amazing complexity they contribute to our finished ciders. Authentic and natural, our ciders are never diluted and don't contain artificial ingredients. With a rotating program of seasonals featuring BC-grown fruit and unique botanicals, we seek to express and complement the potential of the apple. Visit our tasting room to sample our current selection of ciders and hear stories about the rich heritage of the Barnard's Express. Learn about our small-batch cidermaking process and celebrate real cider's revival.

The Hatch

Okanagan Valley - West Kelowna

The Hatch is a place where many forms of art come together and are celebrated. Through our rustic shack in the Okanagan Valley, we embrace the eccentricities of grape growing, wine making, living and drinking with our unconventional, yet extraordinary endeavors. The wines are a liquid art collaboration with unique growers and the singularity of their land.

The Planet Bee Meadery

Okanagan Valley - Vernon

During your visit to Planet Bee you can watch live honeybees busily working behind glass in a live bee display performing their amazing Bee Dance and producing their numerous nutritional products which can enhance our well being. Discover the "Treasures of the Hive" that have been renowned since ancient times as some of the most beneficial natural health products on the planet.

The View Winery

Okanagan Valley - Kelowna

Open year-round, The View Winery is a family owned boutique winery located in East Kelowna. The Turton-Ward family are fifth generation orchardists and second generation viticulturists who have been hand-crafting premium VQA wine since 2006. The vineyard is planted with 40 acres of cool climate varietals with a special focus on Pinotage, Gewurztraminer, Riesling and sparkling wines.

Therapy Vineyards & Guest House

Okanagan Valley - Naramata

Therapy Vineyards lies deep in the heart of the beautiful Naramata Bench. Crafting unique, award winning wines since 2005, Therapy Vineyards is devoted to producing wines that truly represent the best of the Okanagan Valley. They say everyone needs a little therapy once in a while. We couldnt agree more. Therapy Vineyards has aworld class guesthouse which can accomodate up to 22 guests. Pet and family friendly.

Thornhaven Estates Winery

Okanagan Valley - Summerland

Thornhaven Estate sits high up at the treeline of Giant's Head Mountain in Summerland, Okanagan Valley. The southeast facing vineyards ripen slowly for maximum flavour concentration. Thornhaven's semi-arid climate and gravity fed winery design are ideal for aromatic white grapes and Pinot Noir.

Three Sisters Winery

Okanagan Valley - Penticton

Our winemaking activities at Three Sisters Winery are carried out by our experienced winemaker Matt Mikulic under two banners: Earlco Wines and Three Sisters Wines. Earlco Wines offers a custom winemaking experience for customers. All wine is produced from grapes grown by Earlco Vineyards Ltd on the Naramata Bench and selected by our staff and winemaker. Three Sisters Wines are the creation of Matt. At the beginning of the vintage year, Matt determines the wines to be made from our market knowledge, winery capacity and vineyard selection. The varietals and vineyards from which we source the fruit are then determined. This allows Matt to be involved in caring for the vines and resulting fruit from pruning to picking. The year's growing conditions strongly influence the decisions in the vineyard and we are adamant the winemaker be involved in the hands on decisions made as the year progresses. Sales are made directly to customers, thus allowing us to reduce our marketing and selling costs and to pass on those savings. We encourage customers to visit with Matt and tour our vineyards and winery to gain a full appreciation of the wines we offer.

Tightrope Winery

Okanagan Valley - Penticton

Tightrope winery is a small family run vineyard on the Naramata Bench, BC. The owners Graham and Lyndsay O'Rourke use their education and experience to grow and make small batches of high quality wine. All the grapes that go into their wines are grown on the Naramata Bench, some of the finest soils for grape production in Canada. The journey of bringing grapes to the bottle is a tightrope walk of variables, from vineyard management, to winemaking, the weather and even balancing the cheque book. Please enjoy the final culmination of our balancing act!