Thompson Valley Wineries

Harper's Trail Estate Winery

Thompson Valley - Kamloops

Harper’s Trail Estate Winery, named for the cattle drive “trail” of pioneer rancher Thaddeus Harper, is the first winery from Kamloops. Tucked into the city outskirts on the bank of the South Thompson River, Ed and Vicki Collet’s vineyard sits among rolling hills of sage and grass, home to Bighorn sheep, bears and myriad birds. The backdrop of limestone, Hoodoos and natural spring set the biodiversity of this rare place. Visit today and taste the untamed land. Harper’s Trail wines reflect the region, with the minerality and crisp acidity that are becoming known to exemplify the South Thompson area.

Monte Creek Ranch Winery

Thompson Valley - Kamloops

Forging a new era of exploration for the Thompson Valley, Monte Creek Ranch offers the next frontier in winemaking. Just a 10 minute drive outside Kamloops City limits, just off Highway 1 in a history-rich location, the working ranch, which straddles the Thompson River, is home to cattle, horses, bees, goats and two stunning estate vineyards in a pristine setting. Quite unlike wine country anywhere else, the ranch's unique beauty and hospitality are a welcome stop where visitors can enjoy a wine tasting and shop for local products. Our winemaking philosophy is to showcase our terroir – we have vineyards in an extraordinary place and we want to showcase what makes our site unique by letting the wines speak for themselves. The ranch was first purchased with the aim to follow in the footsteps of the area's early explorers and uncover what the land can offer. The Thompson Valley, Canada's newest growing area, is stepped in history. Frontiersmen and prospectors – even infamous train robbers like Billy Miner – sought their fortunes in this area as the West was being built. The site of the Monte Creek Ranch Winery echoes with the whispers of the past. Here are Monte Creek Ranch, we want to create a sustainable and low input farm. Every aspect of our farm – including our soil, water, climate, crop and people, and even building – is carefully considered as to how it related to the other aspects. We encourage you to stop by the ranch!​